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Ranking Rules

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1. General Explanation

1.1 The 2021 ranking of Padel Club Munich is a continuous competition in league format, in which the teams are
which the teams are divided into different categories according to their playing strength. Throughout the year, five rounds are held throughout the year, each of which lasts 6 weeks. Here teams within a category meet each other (everyone against everyone), which, depending on the classification, can lead to promotion or relegation.

1.2 There is no maximum number of participants. New teams can register at any time during the ranking competition, which are then assigned to the appropriate category by means of a classification test. Category through a placement test. For this purpose, placement tests are carried out before the start of each round.
The placement tests are organized by the Padel Club Munich on demand.

1.3 There are three ranking competitions: men's, women's and mixed. This means that a player can be active in two competitions. Competitions are Absolute, Feminine & Mixed).

1.4 THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE. The players' expenses amount to the costs for
the court reservation and the balls.

1.5 There will be two individual overall rankings (men's & women's), which will include all matches of the different categories in the ranking as well as the tournaments.

2. General Rules

2.1 Depending on the number of participants, the playing groups consist of a maximum of 6 teams. Each team must play
each of the other teams within a 6-week match round (the order of play does not matter)
order does not matter) and arrange a match date for this.
2.2 The ranking tournament start will be informed by Email to all memberships, as well as the end of the rounds.
2.3 It will be played according to the general rules of the International Padel Federation.
2.4 The organization reserves the right to change these rules. The participants will be
informed about this.

3. Game Plan

3.1 The categories of each ranking competition (men's, women's and mixed) are compiled according to the following criteria

The categories for the new round of matches result from the division of the total list of each ranking competition into groups of five or six. If the total number of teams within a ranking competition is not a multiple of 5, a sensible division will be sought, which will be organized by the Padel Club Munich will be organized.

3.2 Padel Club München will decide on the exact division of the teams into
the respective categories:

  • Number of team registrations within a ranking competition at the beginning of a match round

  • Number of newly registered teams (taking into account the ranking test)

  • Number of teams promoted or relegated after the respective round of matches


3.3 The following details must also be taken into account:

  • At the end of each round of matches, the first-placed teams will definitely be promoted.

  • There is no guarantee that the other teams will be able to maintain their category, as new teams are teams can be placed in the sequential ranking list after the placement test, and a new division is made before a new classification is made before each round of matches.

  • Teams that do not play a single game in a match round are certainly relegated.


3.4 In the event of a points draw between two teams at the end of a round, the result of their match shall be the decisive result of their match.

3.5 In the event of a points tie between three or more teams at the end of a round, the following shall count in this order:

  • The difference between the match won, and the match lost from the matches facing each other

  • The difference between sets won and sets lost from the matches facing each other matches facing each other

  • The difference between games won and games lost from the opposing matches matches played against each other.

The number of categories and teams per category will be announced at the start of each round for each ranking competition, each ranking competition.

4. Starts & ends of the rounds

4.1 Information about the new groups will be sent by email from the first Monday of each round.
sent out.
4.2 The round ends on Sunday of the 6th week at 20:00. After that, no more result reports will be
will be accepted and outstanding games can no longer be played. Thus
delays within the ranking tournament are avoided.

5. Set and tie-break.

5.1 The game is played in 2 winning sets, with tie-break.
5.2 It is recommended to reserve the court for at least 1.5 hours per game so that there is enough time to finish the game enough time to finish the game.

6. Walk over (W.O.)

6.1 If a player withdraws during a match due to injury or any other reason, the match is
the game is deemed to be over and the team concerned loses by W.O. (if both teams wish to repeat the game
the game, this must be done before the end of the round). If a player or team does not show up 15 minutes after the actual start of the game, the waiting pair of players can claim the victory by W.O.

6.2 After three unjustified W.O.'s, the organization reserves the right to exclude the team concerned from the competition from the competition.

7. Game not completed

7.1 If it is not possible to complete the match due to unfavorable weather conditions or if the
rental period of the court has expired, the match may be continued on another day within the playing
another day within the match round. If this is not possible, the winner shall be determined as follows:

  1.  In the first set: the team that has won more games.

  2.  In the second set: the winner of the first set.

  3.  In the third set: the team leading in the third set.

In the event that it is not possible, using the criteria described, to assign a winning team and a losing team to the
the organization of the ranking of Padel Club München (e.g. 6-3 / 3-6), no team will receive points.
no team will receive points.

8. Scoring

8.1 Players must inform Padel Club München of the results of their matches before 8pm on the last day of the round
of the round. Padel Club München determines at the beginning of the season how the results are
be announced. Matches that are reported as draws will not be taken into account.

8.2 Only the results that are sent to Padel Club München by e-mail before the end of the round will be taken into account for scoring 6 e-mail before the end of the round. When communicating the results, the names of the winning pair of players and the losing pair, as well as the number of games in the respective sets must be communicated.

8.3 Points are awarded as follows:

  • 3 points for the game won. The winning team also receives 3 points for a W.O. match.

  • 1 point for the lost game. The exception is a defeat by W.O., here 0 points are awarded to the losing team points for the losing team. The W.O. counts as a 6-0; 6-0 result if the game has not started has not started. If a player leaves the game due to injury, the result is completed as if the team as if the team of the injured player would not win any more games until the end of the match games until the end of the match. Example: in a match with a current score of 6/2; 4/3, which is then the result of 6/2; 6/3 is ultimately recorded.

  • 0 points if the result of the match was not communicated to Padel Club München before the end of the respective round before the end of the respective round.

8.4 The weighting of points for the individual overall rankings is based on the following model:

  • The points from the ranking matches of the lowest category within each ranking competition(absolute, women's and mixed) are multiplied by a factor of 1.

  • The points from the ranking matches of the next highest category within each ranking competition are multiplied by a factor of 1.2.

  • This model is followed up to the first category within each ranking competition, so that the points of the first category of the respective ranking competition may differ.

  • This rule is illustrated once again in the following examples:

    • Absolute's ranking with 4 categories ==> category 1: factor 1.6

    • Women's ranking with 3 categories ==> category 1: factor 1.4

    • Mixed ranking with 5 categories ==> category 1: factor 1.8

  • For the calculation of the male individual overall ranking, the points from the Mixed Ranking are multiplied by a factor of 0.75.

  • The victories from the tournament matches are counted with 3 points and multiplied by the following factors in order to be included in the respective individual overall ranking:


9. Trophies and prices

9.1 At the end of the season, the winners of each category in each of the five rounds will receive a prize.
9.2 The top three in each individual overall ranking will receive a trophy and prizes.

10. Registration

10.1 Registrations will be accepted by email to
10.2 The name, e-mail address and cell phone number of both players in the team are required.

11. Conditions of participation

11.1 All members of Padel Club München can participate in the 2021 ranking under the following
the following conditions:

  • The annual fee for the year has been paid.

  • The rules have been read, understood and accepted.

  • Email address and cell phone number are available.

  • The player agrees that this data (email address and cell phone number) may be visible to visible to other participants.

11.2 Each member may only belong to one team in their ranking competition (Absolute`s, women's, mixed) belong to one team.

12. Rights and obligations of the players

12.1 If a team cancels a match that has already been arranged and there are no other dates available for this
available for this match, the other team can claim the victory by W.O.

12.2 If it is impossible to find a common date, the team with the most matches shall be awarded the victory by W.O.
to the team that has proposed the most match dates (at least 3 dates). The "winning team" must inform the "losing team" in writing of the entry by W.O. In case of in case of doubt, an e-mail can be sent to the organization, whereupon the case will be evaluated and the result of the match will be determined.

12.3 In principle, both teams are asked to be willing to compromise in order to ensure the compatibility of a match date the compatibility of a match date.

12.4 In the event of a cancellation and/or postponements or delays that result in a which result in an extension of the court rental, the person responsible for these delays responsible for the delay shall bear any extra costs incurred.

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